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Bengal Kittens make excellent family pets and are a joy to own and show off. Bengal Kittens do insist on having their human attention and affection whenever they can get it. Young Bengal Kittens, wanting to learn about everything around them all at once, need to be kept safe from possible dangers and be allowed to explore under supervision until the Bengal kitten is wise enough to know what they should and shouldn’t do in your home.

The Bengal Kitten you purchase from me is trained the best it can be for the Bengal kitten’s age, at the time you bring it home. This means your Bengal Kitten has been given the basic training around my home for up to 12 weeks of age. Be sure that the Bengal kitten is the cat you want to live with for a long time, before you bring that Bengal Kitten into your life. These wonderful cats deserve good homes with loving owners who understand them and who are committed to caring for them for the rest of their lives. Your new Bengal kitten should be with you for their lifetime. I expect you to understand this before you even purchase your Bengal Kitten. Feel free to ask me any and all questions on your mind before your purchase of your first Bengal Kitten.

A Story I would like to share.

There is always a kitten to pick up around my home.

Above I talk about the commitment you are about to make with your new Bengal kitten. I want to share my experience with Bengals and how much a Bengal Kitten and cat can really share and bond with their “Human.” Bengal Kittens and Cats really have deep emotions like us and do feel Love and attachment to their person or family. When I had to find homes for all my Queens that lived with Sierra when me, when we were selling our home, I was surprised by Sierra’s reaction. I could see and feel how much she missed her friends just as much as I did! When people would come over to look at our home, after the girls had moved out, Sierra no longer would greet people. Instead, she would run and hide. I could almost feel her saying, “No, you are not going to take me away from Kismet and my home!” This is a true story. She continued to do this until I added new kittens to my program and she felt safe once again. Bengals have a “high” degree of intelligence and of knowing what is going on around them. I try very hard to place them in very protected home environments because of what I learned from Sierra. When we were selling our home my Husband wanted me to re home The Bengal Cats I had at that time. Not knowing we would divorce by the time the house did sell, I found new homes for all but Sierra. I am holding her in our empty bedroom. When the house was being shown to people for 2 year, Sierra would run and hide. Not her regular behavior. I could hear her saying, “No you are not taking me from this house!” She knew that all her friends had been taken from the house by strangers and she was not going to leave me.

We were that close and bonded to each other. Bengal cats feel emotion just like we do. I saw and felt her discomfort when every one of her buddies had left the house and she was now alone. She knew how that had happened. She was no longer ging to greet people at the door like she once was happy to do… Now we have started over once again and we live in Campo CA. I live alone with my Bengal Cats and hand raise them one litter at a time. I enjoy living just with the Bengal Cats because we live side by side and no one tell me what to do but the BENGALS..We seem to have learned each others language and sometimes, I think I have turned into one of them. Not bad for a human for they are really happy with themselves and don’t mind being alone. However they do need me and I need them. It is a good life for us.