FarOut Bengals

I raise one litter at a time.

        New Kittens will be posted after I work with people that have deposits down on all kittens left.  







How to raise a Good Bengal Kitten

I had fun feeding my kittens London Broil years ago,

The most important thing you should look for when searching for your Bengal Kitten is how much time does the breeder put into socializing the kittens. I work with just a few Queens and less litters now, so that I can focus more of my time with one litter at a time. How we domesticate our Bengal kittens From the moment they are born, we reach out to them. When their eyes first open and my hand goes out to a kitten you would be surprised at how they react, emitting a hiss, but that “hiss” comes out of a very small kitten. This always reminds me that they truly still have a part of the wild Asian Leopard Cat close in the gene pool. While working with them from then on, that strong “hiss” fades and I am no longer a feared stranger and the fun begins for all of us. Raising a Bengal kitten can be hard at times It is not all fun when mom cannot keep up with cleaning them and I have to help out with litter training but that lasts only about a week. Mom does pull her weight as much as she can and stays with them until she goes into heat again. At that time she parts from her kittens and they are left with me. Teaching Bengal kittens to eat solid food I then need to teach them to eat wet food and at times I have to open their tiny mouths and put the food into it. A little Bengal mouth can be hard to open and you do run the risk of getting bitten once the food gets in. It is all worth it if they seem to say, “Ummm, that is good, time to eat that.” Time and time you have to remind them how to eat till about 8 weeks old and then we have to introduce dry food. While all of this is happening they are bonding with me and all the socialization is really taking place. I keep them with me in the office where my computer is and I can still work while they climb up my leg with their sharp little claws and get into my lap. This is how I tell which ones are going to be the lap Bengals, or as some people like to say “tiny Lap Leopards”. We move into the bedroom at night when I am pretty sure they are litter trained. I learn a whole lot about them in this room. As you see below, they eventually follow me all around the home because I now am the one who supplies the food and they are attached to me. I always have to tell people not to worry if the kitten seems to stay by me when they come to see them. It is only because I have been protecting them and after a few days away from me they will love you even more than they have come to love me during our socializing period. If you ever hear from someone that their Bengal is wild, blame it on the breeder. It takes Love, Time and Patience to raise a good Bengal Kitten. Kismet

Pricing Bengal kittens

Because I only do one litter at a time and with all my time spent on each and every Bengal kitten with the purpose of socialization to bring out the best of each Bengal kitten…

Keeping in mind that I start to get to know the personality of each Bengal kitten beginning at 2 weeks of age I also try to pare up the placement of each Bengal kitten to the needs of my clients and Bengal kitten.

Bengal kitten can Range from $700.00-$1,800.00 with a pick of the litter, at times being priced accordingly.

In pricing I take look at 1. Personality 2. Markings 3. Blood line 4. Talking to you and meeting you in person, if possible, to see how you feel about the effort needed to own and care for a Bengal Cat for life. 5. How the FarOutBengal kitten reacts to you.