The Best Bengal Male Buddy

Ekim. He had to be the most amazing Bengal Cat that ever lived with me. I chose this picture of him looking out the window because it seems the best way to show his wisdom and the way he observed every thing in his world. He had Compassion, Love, and Humor and much more. People would come over just to be with him. He would come into the bed, and he was a big boy, and just put his whole body around you and just give you hugs. If I was sad I could always count on him to be by my side to hold as long as I needed to while I cried because of some lose or just because of one of those days.

We used to let him go into the garage. We learned a big lesson from that and had a great loss after a wonder 7 years of joy with Ekim. Bengals are curious. He got into to something or got bitten by a spider. To this day we don’t know for sure. It lead to liver failure. It has been 5 years now and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Ekim. He was that one in a million Bengal cat. Everyone knew Ekim….
A Marble daughter of Keko is coming back to me now. If I get lucky, the gene may re-appear. God Willing.

If I am lucky

This is “The Mother of my Far Out Bengal line.” She came from the loving home of “Diego’s Bengals.” I will forever be grateful for the trust they put in me.

Taboo, one of my Supper Stars at giving me beautiful Rosettes!

StarStruck “Cosmo” Jumping for the “Stars..

FarOutBengal Safari.
4 months old. Daughter of La Nina and Jagger.

StarStuck “Cosmo” Taken at “Jumping Bengals” Photo Shoot. “Cosmo” is son of La Nina and Jagger $ up and coming stud with Lakota next year!

This is when I learned that “Canaries” do not out live Bengal Kittens. This is what has their attention.

Mariah in full view. Just love this irl of mine.

Rafike, Son of Cosmo. Resting now untill he becomes next stud.