Our Bengal Ladies!

Peñasquitos La Nina, a FarOut Bengal, now Retired

Peñasquitos La Nina is my oldest Queen at 4 years old now. Still my baby girl. The Bengal kittens she has had, 4 litters, all have been exceptional in personality, markings and temperament.

One of my most exotic Queens I am told by most people.
La Nina playing with my hair on a lazy summer day.
LaNina will be with me forever. She feels a little left out at times, but still still slips into bed at night.

Far OutBengal Mariah

Awagati Pants On Fire is Grandfather to Rafeki
She has a face as close as I will ever get to an Asian Leopard!
Mariah has the “wild” look.
One of my most Amazing Queens.

FarOutBengal Fantasy

Fantasy is a strong Rufus color,meaning red. This color seems to have become rare the past 7 years or so.

She is very proud of her self these days. She does come out and visit with people!
Cannot say Fantasy is an unhappy Bengal Queen.
Fantasy is one of my Biggest Queens. Takes after her Granddaddy Pants on Fire!

FarOut Bengal Ila

This is my “Baby Girl” and will not turn a year till Jan 2017.

FarOut Bengal Katniss

Bengal kittens for sale

This one of the many shots I have of Katniss.

Bengal Kittens for sale

Her bark is worse than her bite!