FarOut Bengals is now Tucson Arizona

Welcome to Far Out Bengals now located in Tucson AZ

Specializing in the Socialization of Bengal Kittens raised one litter at a time and the personality of each kitten is brought out to mix into any family environment as a loving pet.

This is the last kitten sold


Bengal kitten for sale Tucson AZ

Little Leo sleeping with Aries. Adorable Bengal Kitten at 5 weeks old.


Bengal kitten for sale in Tucson AZ

Bengal kitten just laying back!

Bengal kitten for sale

Time out and just learning to lay back?

Bengal Kitten for sale in Tucson

Now almost 6 weeks and marking starting come out and so are the fussy’s

This is his Mom Queen Aris Daughter of Mariah.


Bengal kittens for Sale in Tucson AZ

This is Aries. She the youngest Daughter of Mariah. We will be moving to Tucson AZ in the next month. I will tell the story on my site soon

I encourage everyone to call me about MY Bengals to get on the Waiting List! View on some “Past” Kittens on page.

I am a Small Bengal Cattery Now.

Bengal kittens for sale in Tucson AZI am now specializing in the socialization of Bengal Kittens for sale in the Tucson AZ and surrounding areas. I will be doing fewer litters than most breeders so that I can do hands on socialization. Proper Bengal kitten socialization can only be done when a Breeder can work with less Bengal kittens at one time. It is important to get onto my waiting list if you are really wanting to own a hand raised and socialized Bengal kitten. Another thing that helps for getting onto my list is to call me. Why? This is how I get to know you and find out right away if you are a good candidate for a FarOut Bengal kitten.

We are in Tucson AZ, in a very nice area close to the interstate 10. We are nicely nestled mountains and Valleys along with the coyotes so we DO NOT let our Bengal cat or kittens out of the house. We have taught them to walk on a harness and I, at times, have taken them for walks. Now that I have moved out of the city and living on 20 acres of open land and I never let my Bengals outside unless they are on a harness and leash to walk with me. However, no longer are we fenced in! This is a wonderful feeling. The coyote population is quite large out here and I would never trust letting one of my Bengal Cats or kittens being out on their own. So please, if you live out of the city and even in the city, beware of letting your Bengal kitten or Cat out of your sight. Besides coyotes, people will surely take up with your friendly new family member! Check my Kittens page to see what beautiful babies I have available for you!

Why Choose Far Out Bengals?

Bengal kittens for sale in Tucson AZ
La Nina has kittens with
wild face’s and tear drops.
My FarOut Bengal kittens and Cats do not live with me I live with them! They are not
“MY cats…they are my best friends” their wish is my command.”

Our Far Out Bengal cats and kittens are under-foot and sleep in my bed when they are in the Bengal kitten socialization stage. I give the Far Out Bengal cats and kittens lots of love and affection, and I have been told that the love I give them is passed on to the new owner. That is one of the best comments to hear after selling a Far Out Bengal kitten in the San Diego area for the past 16 years! Many families end up coming back for a second kitten as a buddy for their first Far Out Bengal kitten. I have made many great Bengal-cat-lover friends since I have started breeding. Truth be told they give me so much love that they have taught me how to give love back to them. After 16 years of living with them I do still breed on a smaller level just so I can keep them with me and put food down for them and have a warm home for them and myself. We live alone now and they keep me warm in the winter, 4 at least in bed with me! My Bengals keep me grounded all year long. Living with me, they keep the Summer sun shinning even when the clouds of life enter my life, at times, and warm in the winter. Bengals are very special creatures, if treated right and loved and handled like any animal should be, with love and respect, what comes back to you will amaze you for the rest of your life with this wonder animal, The BENGAL CAT


Now at 18 years! Truth be told I really do not see a way out of breeding on some small level. This year I am starting out with just 1 girls and will only go up to 3 by the end of this year. We were almost back to 4 girls by 2017. I will never go higher than that again. It is so much like have 2- 4 year old children that need a lot of attention with, at times, does not leave much time for me? I have had to learn to work on that for the best of all of us. By no means is this easy work to take up at any age. I do not see myself with out a litter of Bengal kittens in life from time to time.

What do I do at Far Out Bengals that makes my cattery different Now?

I work with my Bengal kittens as members of my family and to be social and interactive with your household. First and foremost, I want to make sure that when all of our Bengal kittens leave me they go to their new home with great temperament, are healthy, happy and playful like any Bengal kitten should be. You are guaranteed a great Bengal kitten to enjoy for years to come. I personally put a lot of love and care into each and every one of my kittens. I am a small cattery so I have the time to do so. I raise just a few litters each year and they are spaced so I can concentrate mostly on the socialization of the Bengal kitten. I kid you not when I say that I live with my Bengal kittens and cats.

They learn naturally to sleep in a bed with me and they will do the same, sleep with you, by the time they go home with you. A large cattery can not put this kind of work into all their litters! I am very proud of the true Far Out Bengals I have produced for the past years and I keep trying to improve on how I go about my breeding habits too! I feel the most important change is doing less kittens and spending more time with them one-on-one so you will get a more socialized kitten with as best habits as I can teach them. We are breeding not only excellent type, but soft and silky coats that are important, as well, in a Bengal kitten. I am very proud of the true Far Out Bengals I have produced for the past years and I keep trying to improve on how I go about my breeding habits too! I feel the most important change is doing less kittens and spending more time with them one-on-one so you will get a more socialized kitten with as best habits as I can teach them. I Can also say that I am the only one in the  Tucson Arizona Area doing this Now!

This is my latest bottle Feed Bengal
Kitten. Her name is Spirit..She rules this house now..
Great example of one of
the lines of
FarOut Bengals. “Natasha”
Plenty of room to relax
and hang out
Lots of toys to play with
around the house.

No cages at my House!

My FarOut Bengal kittens are a cage-less environment in my home and raised in my home. Kittens are socialized and handled on a daily basis; this ensures the kitten is well socialized and balanced before he/she leaves for their new home. Kittens leave FarOut Bengals Cattery with extremely friendly and loving personalities, immediately capturing the hearts of their new owners

Sometimes they will take advantage of how we are feeling and seem to just drive us crazy till we end up just having to laugh at ourselves because our Bengal cat drives us to look at life from their side. Maybe you have to be me to understand this. Or maybe when you own your first Far Out Bengals, you too will experience this side of nature that they have brought into my life.

Bengal Kittens for sale
Some cute Bengal Kittens faces just
melt your Heart away!
These are cute faces one
gets to love.
Wow! She bought both of us and we
stay together for ever!

My Bengal Kittens Sleep with me…

In my bedroom, which is now in the living room of my new home next to the bay window so we have a great view of the stars at night. During the day the Bengal kittens and Cats stay on my bed and stare out the window, when not sleeping watching all the birds that come to the feeder I keep full for the birds and my birds watchers. Waking up in the morning if it is not a new litter that I am socializing ,

There is at least 4 in my bed. Now this is when it really gets hard to get up and do work. I am lucky some mornings. I can just sit there with them for a long time and watch the birds at the feeder outside and just enjoy the moment. They have taught me how to be “cat like.” Meaning just being here Now. They are good teachers. They have taught me one of the best lessons. Learn to take some time for your self when you work with us.

More Than A Cat

Saber hanging out on the seat

Keeping our mission in mind, I pay special attention to the characteristics of the Bengal Cat which are distinct from those found in other domestic cat breeds. Our Bengal cats are visibly different from other domestic cats and give their owners the feeling of owning a tiny leopard – a bit of the jungle.

All of our Bengal kittens will leave for their new homes at the age of twelve weeks. It is important not to take them from their mothers too early so that they can develop a strong immune system, have had the required inoculations and have learned all of their cat skills. All of our Bengal kittens will be litter-box trained and eating dry and canned food when they go to their new homes. All will be checked for any health problems by my veterinarian. All Bengal kittens will come with a health guarantee when they arrive at their new homes.

Think you learn enough to relax and go thew my site!
Yes, Bengals kittens and cats love to play in your hair.
These 2 Bengals boys were born a few weeks apart and will spend the rest
of their life together.
One of my Bengal kittens sold that I will never forget!!
Oh yes, Bengals love to play all the
Only bottom 2 Bengal male left in this picture. Going, going gone soon at 6 weeks.
Brother and sister just could not part. So they we sold together!
Lots of toys to play with
around the house.